API Czar: Enforcing API Best Practices 

Based on Real Events

You can’t build applications without data. For Cloud Native applications, the data is provided by an API that is likely housed in an API Management solution. Applications and their developers are constantly requesting new APIs or modifying existing ones. It can be challenging for teams to simultaneously keep up with new requests and comply to best practices. The Czar helps architecture teams import their best practices & standards and have development teams provide a JSON description of the applications field attributes.

For most organizations, the quest for cloud is still unchartered territory. Cloud integrations require a range of interoperable components and a different architecture than on-premise systems.

Czar: the need for Control and Consistency

As customers implement API Management solutions from vendors like IBM, WSO2, APIGEE and AWS, the focus will turn to the Creation Lifecycle. The expectation is that APIs can quickly be created to support new Digital & Mobile applications as well as MVPs.

While System APIs may require SOA like efforts, the Czar focuses on the Screen Interaction/Experience APIs where requirements are owned by the Cloud Native developers. Organizationally, the Czar also provides value as a model to define the relationships between Frontend developers and Backend SMEs.

API Czar

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