Build APIs that Rule!

Build APIs that Rule!

API Czar is a creation tool that generates APIs in a fraction of the time that would be required to create an API using standard IDEs and in accordance to organization best practices.

Why API Czar?

Why API Czar?

Interaction & Integration APIs

Generate & Deploy your Best Practice API in 30 Minutes. Read More with link to interaction & Integration APIs in the generator section

API Master: Enterprise Services

Generate & Enforce Enterprise Standards like API Methods, API Versioning, Pagination, Data Caching, HTTP Status Codes, Filtering & Security

Smart Test Data

Generate & Deploy your Best Practice API in 30 Minutes. Read More with link to interaction & Integration APIs in the generator section

Full Documentation

Exposing API made simpler. API Czar generates a Swagger Definition of your generated API


API Czar offers a toolchain to deploy your API from End to End

Server-Side Code

Node.js, Java, Pyhton, PHP and so much more

How can it serve you?

“I need the API to be published quickly and it has to be well documented so that I can expose it to my partners or clients”


Efficient Time to Market

Greatly reduce project overhead and time to market by generating best practice APIs in a fraction of the required time to create an API using standard IDEs.

No Integration Headaches

Generates Smart Test Data which eliminates the need to integrate to complex backends to bring the API to life at an early stage in the project.

Expose My API

Enables the business to expose their APIs because all the generated APIs are fully operational, introspectable, well documented, secure and scalable.

Whether to extend their unique capabilities to partners & clients or monetize their APIs in API Marketplaces, the generated API needs to meet certain standards, be deployed and, configured to support multiple Marketplaces.

“I have a hard time following Enterprise standards and understanding all the miscellaneous technologies that come with applying best practices”.


Best Practices

Removes the challenge of understanding and searching for standard API best practices and enables developers to focus on the implementation of business logic and integration to the backend.

Smart Documentation

Helps developers plug and unplug business logic one API at a time, because it generates fully documented & functional APIs with Smart Test Data.

“I need to ensure that all published APIs are compliant to my Enterprise standards and Best Practices”.



Simplifies the definition of company standards like API interfaces, security, versioning, pagination and, caching and makes it actionable.

Flexibility & Control

Allows companies to add or modify existing standards and ensures that these standards are respected by all teams. Say goodbye to the hassle of code check, regression testing and QA on generated APIs.


Supports most of modern Cloud Platforms and deploys to API Management Solutions like AWS API Gateway, IBM API Connect, Google APIGEE as well as Serverless platforms like AWS Lambda or IBM OpenWhisk.

Deploy to your API Management Solution

API Management Solution Deployment

Deploy as a Microservice

Deploy as a Microservice

Server-Side Code

Find out how you can get started with API Czar today!