The Art of Possible

What is it?

Deciding which applications to build or which features to add to existing applications can be difficult. The lean startup approach can help to get insights fast and launch applications quickly by applying a design-thinking process. How can enterprises adopt the lean startup approach to become more innovative and competitive?

Our Art of Possible offering does just that. We bring startup practices to large enterprises to deliver a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition that follows design thinking methods, to empower you to start digitally transforming your organization, quickly and efficiently!


How does it work?

Customers define the challenge or opportunity and how overcoming this particular challenge helps their business in terms of revenue, customer satisfaction and time to market. The Cedrus UX designers and Architects will walk the customer through a user-centric design method to define the different personas, as-is flow, ideation and define to-be scenario, document hypotheses, and define the MVP.

Workshop Agenda

During the workshop, we explain to new AWS customers how the AWS Cloud platform can assist them in speeding up the delivery of their final product and provide them with a delivery and a roll out plan for the MVP and final product:


  • Discuss the plan of the workshop
  • Define your users/personas
  • Define as-is experience and identify painpoints
  • Ideation and define to-be scenarios
  • Document hypotheses and assumptions to test your idea
  • Discuss how cloud would help you to rapidly develop your idea
  • Optional: Provide low fidelity mockup
  • Optional: Provide an implementation plan and Solution high level architecture

Engagement Type: Workshop

Duration: 5 Days

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