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Expand business value through Cloud adoption. Increase development agility, implement operational excellence, and leverage cutting edge technologies such as IoT and AI.


Service Offerings

Amazon MQ Migration

Migrate your on-premise messaging infrastructure to Amazon MQ.

Art of the Possible

A workshop that brings people together from different departments to formulate new solutions by identifying key business challenges and recommending technology-based solutions that address these challenges.

Cloud Migration

Enables AWS customers to modernize and move legacy monolithic applications into the cloud leveraging microservice principles.

Cloud Native Security Framework

Builds upon advisory security capabilities and leverages Cedrus’ cloud native security blueprint that includes authentication, authorization, encryption, and audit logging.

Cloud Native Product

An offering that assists customers in composing scrum teams that follow agile, pair programming, and test-driven development best practices to deliver cloud-native products.

Well-Architected Framework

Move your existing workload to AWS leveraging cloud best practices.

Internet of Things

A suite of consultative services that help customers understand how they can leverage AWS IoT services and build a platform to improve their business in new ways.

DevSecOps Transformation

Synergize development, IT operations, and security teams.

Machine Learning

Assists AWS customers in developing AI-enabled solutions such as Chatbots and/or Smart Unstructured Data Intake using AWS Lex, SageMaker, and/ or Alexa Skills.


Assists AWS customers in leveraging a Hyperledger & Quantum Ledger Database to implement immutable data stores. 


We were impressed with Cedrus’ ability and assets to support us during our Cloud migration. Cedrus is not a typical systems integrator – they understand the underlying business challenge and help resolve it through cutting edge technology practices. Their unparalleled expertise in implementing and deploying APIs/microservices to the Cloud, enabled us to quickly and smoothly transition our software offerings to AWS.

Walid Daccache

Senior Vice President of Technology, FADEL

Cedrus featured in the AWS Blog!

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