Cedrus CASB as a Program

What is it?

Cedrus has developed a programmatic approach to the deployment of Cloud Access Security Brokers or CASB. Our Cedrus CASB as a Program – (CCaaP) will enable CASB to be a strategic enforcement point for customers’ cloud security and not simply a way to discover shadow IT. CCaaP provides the business with a systematic breakdown of the work and defined templates.

Strategic Cloud Policies for CASB


Technical Architecture

Operational Models

Why you need it

Cloud Access Security Broker or CASB is an emerging Cloud Security requirement. While initially implemented to satisfy audit requirements to understand the extent of Cloud SaaS Usage (Shadow IT), it has grown into a much broader role in Cloud Security and the deployment of a CASB has quickly become a mandatory control.

How does it work?


In implementing the Cedrus CASB as a Program, we work with our strategic vendor Netskope to engage the business and determine Strategic Cloud Policies for CASB, technical Architecture, and the Operational Model, providing the business with:


Enterprise Centric

 Compliance Driven

 Solution Focused

Our CASB Resources

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