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Enterprise ready Angular and Angular 2 Framework

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Angular and Angular 2 Material Design can pose numerous challenges if not done the right way. Code Fusion is an Open Source project that can dramatically accelerate the material design by providing a comprehensive and extensible framework to define reusable Technical and Business components.

Our 25+ years of experience in building UI, mixed with Technology advances in Cloud Languages such as TypeScript, JavaScript, A2, NodeJS, NoSQL DB, all came together to build a state of the art, Component based framework to build modern Web and Mobile UI’s.The Era of Wiring and Mashing apps is more real than ever before.

Code Fusion in a nutshell

State of the Art, 100% Open, 100% Open Source, Angular 2 and Material Design Core Component Library

  • Fully extensible by custom code or 3rd party components enrichment
  • Full Component Class Hierarchy to ease inheritance and global changes
  • Completely A2 compliant with no other dependencies


  • Events pub/sub
  • Public Interfaces on all components
  • Reusable in any Angular project and IDE
  • Consumable by CodeSoju generators
  • Embeddable to enhance lifecycle manageability and future enhancements

Extensive set of Enterprise services

  • Security
  • Logging, debug or runtime modes
  • Internationalization
  • Theming
  • Personalization and Access control
  • Data Caching , paging and other server side data access
  • Auto-documentation library, Samples, and usage interface

Business Components

  • A growing library of Business Components: News, Weather, IBM Watson, Email, Blog, BPM tasks lists…
  • Component Factory to be used to produce private or public Business Components
  • Packaged as Microservices and automatically deployed on a PaaS of choice (BlueMix, AWS Lambda, etc.)
  • Ready to be wired together by business users
  • Ready to be used as A2 components by developers
  • Categorized by library

Why Cedrus?


AWS Associate Certified, AWS Professional Architecture Certified, AWS Developer/DevOps Certified.


Our engineers are Fullstack developers (AngularJS 1/2, REACT, NativeScript, Nodejs) with experience across multiple cloud vendors (AWS, IBM) and their offerings.


Open Source

We build out apps for web and mobile using modern techniques around extreme programing and test-driven development.


We have close ties with IBM and the Bluemix Garage for optimization of core Cloud Foundry and Bluemix capabilities.

UX Team

Our user-centric design thinking paradigms and prototyping methodology ensure applications meet the needs of both the business and the business users.

Secret Sauce

Our R&D team has created CodeSoju and API CZAR with built-in best practices to accelerate the development process as well as Code Soju to facilitate the structure and deployment of your full stack project.

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