A Micro-Application Builder

DreamFace is a micro-application builder that helps create highly efficient, user-centric applications that call on microservices. Organizations can accelerate their web & mobile development strategy by leveraging loosely-coupled reusable components that can be assembled into a full fledged enterprise solution with a first-class User Experience (UX).

Modern UI

Data-enabled, Angular Material Design, UI components that can be reused across applications or deployed.

Web & Mobile

Build and deploy Web & Mobile micro-applications from a unique environment.

Time to Market

Accelerated development lifecycle by creating reusable assets and leveraging pre-built sophisticated components.

Leverage Microservices

Break down big projects into small packages of independently deployable micro-applications.

Uncompromised Enterprise Apps

Leverage modern internet technologies, a robust cloud architecture, reusable components, team development and built-in devops to create and deliver consistently great enterprise apps every time.

Build & Deploy on Web & Mobile

DreamFace is a micro-Applications builder that empowers developers to deliver uncompromised User Experiences for any Web & Mobile device in just a few clicks.

Respect Enterprise Standards

Faster results with fewer resources thanks to easy API integration,Visual Development, Cloud and Mobile deployment, links to standard Devops, Security & Scalability.

Productivity Across the Team

Leverage the blend of skills on your team, from internet web to enterprise developers, by arming them with a tool that supports each developer’s strength and makes the whole team more productive.

Open Source, Open Assets

Open source, extensible and best of all your deployed application is a collection of open, standard HTML, CSS & javascript files. No vendor lock-in, just help when you need it, freedom when you don’t.

Who is DreamFace for?

Architect & Head of Development

Can Validate: What the product generates, Reusability level, Maintainability of assets, Development cycle, Deployment, Security.


Support innovation and future direction by creating micro-apps on top of existing public or private microservices, or just by assembling reusable components.

Project Manager

Navigate through components, assess their completion, build prototypes.


Faster development. Reusable assets. Pre-built components.

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