Hello Lambda

What is it?

Serverless has fast become the emerging cloud computing platform. While traditional legacy systems and data were the target for the initial shift to cloud, customers today are looking at how to move some of their “new legacy” or SOA assets. Given the pattern of SOA, Serverless and Microservices is the natural target platform. This offering will assist customers in discovering the potential of reducing the operational and maintenance costs of their new project by leveraging AWS Lambda.

Why you need it?

This workshop is ideal for customers architecting their new solutions using state of art Serverless computing technologies

How does it work?

As part of the workshop, we help customers deploy four of their Microservices to AWS Lambda to demonstrate its value. We start off by scoping these 4 Microservices in the first week and then dedicate two to four weeks in building and testing them.


Engagement Type: Workshop

Duration: 4 Weeks

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