Native Cloud App Security Framework

What is it?

Security is a key component of any application and should not be neglected. Teams are oftentimes caught up on delivering the functional requirements of an application that they forget one crucial aspect: Securing the application. Cedrus has defined a blueprint for a Cloud Native Application Security Framework, that includes authentication, authorization, encryption and audit logging.


Why you need it?

This offering addresses a challenge that the Cedrus team has often observed in working with customers and partners. When building a business functionality, security is often an afterthought, for a lot customers. Ignoring the critical role that application security plays can expose businesses to threats and vulnerabilities.

How does it work?

The Cedrus team will assist customers in fully or partially implementing the framework in their application using existing AWS services. The scope of this offer is to first assess what the customer already has and provide scope of work to implement the missing pieces.


Engagement Type: Workshop

Duration: 5 Days

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