The Cedrus Smart Assessment Service of Netskope’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Solution

Your company has already invested in Netskope’s market leading CASB solution to mitigate risks in the cloud such as unsanctioned application use, data leakage, and vendor breach. This is a strategic investment that will become a key pillar of your Information Security architecture.

However, many companies have implemented the solution with a limited scope, which might be due to a limited budget, CASB exposure or experience, or other reasons. This may result in heavy financial consequences such as regulatory mandate fines, competitive theft or a tarnished company image.

How we do it

The CASB Smart Assessment Service aims to help you evaluate the current state of your implementation compared to your own policies, best practices, industry trends, and enterprise-class operational models. Our consultants will perform an assessment in three areas, and then provide a document deliverable that contains the current state, gap analysis, and roadmap. The assessment areas are:

1. Governance and Policy

For you to protect the right data, we gather information about the cloudrelated governing body/council, policies, and processes. We will review the control standards, processes, and any provided guidance.

3. Operations

To steer clear of implementing a bad policy, we gather information about how the solution is managed, monitored, and how the operational group interfaces with the business.

Then, our consultants will evaluate the current state and provide a gap analysis as compared to best practices, industry trends, and enterprise-class operational models. Our unique methodology maps CASB deployments to an implementation maturity model.


2. CASB Implementation

In order to avoid missing important alert events, we gather information about the architectural deployment, configurations, integrations with other technologies, and the implementation of policy within the solution.

The Deliverable

The customer project contact will be provided with a softcopy of the document for feedback and revision prior to final acceptance. The document will contain the current state, recommendations, gap analysis, and roadmap sections.

Our CASB Resources

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