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Digital Transformation: Rethink Your Business

Growing Businesses with Technology

The proliferation of mobile devices, the ubiquity of IOT Technologies in almost every industry as well as the economy of scale introduced by the Cloud are some of the reasons behind the need for companies to Digitally Transform.

It is a journey…

Whether by streamlining and enriching business processes, widening the reach of services to mobile users and IoT devices, or enriching the services provided by leveraging other API’s, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies, the Digital Transformation is not a one size fits all and needs to be adapted to each context.

Cedrus’ team of business analysts, designers and architects developed methodologies and offerings in order to support our customers’ efforts to embark on a Digital Transformation journey. Our approach is to prove the value by identifying a critical business situation where reducing costs or increasing returns is key to the success of the business. Once identified, this problem will be synthesized to a series of specifications that can be implemented in a “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP). Our designers and developers will work with the customer team in order to implement a real solution that is representative in the cost, value, architecture and design of the larger solution.

Digital Transformation

Insurance Claim Redesigned:

Blue Sky Insurance wanted to target Millennials by providing them with an enhanced yet simplified way of submitting Claims. Going mobile was the way to go. The process needed to be expedited, so a link to IBM’s Watson was established to analyze photos of accident, and was needed for the newly designed process in order to reduce the amount of steps along the way. Since the Company’s Systems of Records are kept on the Mainframe, an access from the Cloud to the Mainframe assets was made possible by Rocket Software.