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Engineering Solutions is the key to repeatability.

Repeatability is the only way to accelerate the production of vetted, cost effective solutions

At Cedrus, we invest a large part of our profits in our R&D department. We have a dedicated team of professionals that are always striving to innovate

Cedrus Products

Our efforts usually turn into assets with a tangible architecture and code, that has the potential to grow into a full fledged product managed by a startup that we incubate

Our commitment to Open Source make this approach particularly interesting, where the community can benefit and contribute to the growth of these Open Source assets

Beyond the published assets , we are currently investigating some key topics like Blockchain, Microservices Automation, Mini-Apps wiring, Delivery as a Service and Health Profile on the go, to name a few.

Why Cedrus?


AWS Associate Certified, AWS Professional Architecture Certified, AWS Developer/DevOps Certified.


Our engineers are Fullstack developers (AngularJS 1/2, REACT, NativeScript, Nodejs) with experience across multiple cloud vendors (AWS, IBM) and their offerings.


Open Source

We build out apps for web and mobile using modern techniques around extreme programing and test-driven development.


We have close ties with IBM and the Bluemix Garage for optimization of core Cloud Foundry and Bluemix capabilities.

UX Team

Our user-centric design thinking paradigms and prototyping methodology ensure applications meet the needs of both the business and the business users.

Secret Sauce

Our R&D team has created CodeSoju and API CZAR with built-in best practices to accelerate the development process as well as Code Soju to facilitate the structure and deployment of your full stack project.

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