Apache Kafka In Plain English

Why Kafka is at the core of Digital Transformation

In the last few years, Kafka has been adopted by a laundry list of Fortune 500s and other businesses, both large and small. Many other organizations have contemplated deploying Kafka, but are not certain how it works or what benefits may be derived from it.

Kafka was initially developed by LinkedIn, in 2010, to track real-time activity on their site. Two years later, realizing the value of this technology, LinkedIn donated Kafka to the Apache Software Foundation. Today, Kafka is available as a mature open source tool with massive industry support. 

In response to the deep and growing penetration Kafka has made in the market, every major cloud provider supports Kafka (and its various libraries, which will be discussed below).  As of 2018, eight of the top ten insurance providers and over 35% of Fortune 500s had implemented a Kafka solution.

In this business-focused paper, we will address the following:

  • What is Kafka?
  • Why leverage Kafka?
  • The nuts and bolts
  • Use case: Kafka for your data
  • Kubernetes & Kafka
  • Customer Story: Financial Services
  • Common use cases
  • Business value
  • Deploying Kafka