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Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Webinar

As digital transformation continues to influence all aspects of business, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is quickly becoming one of the most critical channels for companies of all types to leverage, creating the ability to connect with end-users and to deliver highly personalized and meaningful experiences.

At the forefront of IoT is the introduction of Digital Assistants, the adoption of which is growing at an exponential rate: one in six US adults (or around 39 million people) are using a Digital Assistant platform in their home.

As the clear leader in the industry, Amazon’s Alexa has become the industry example of how IoT is being utilized to intimately connect with end-users, creating never-before-seen quantifiable and qualifiable insight into customer behavior.

This interactive environment is all based on multiple AWS services with each service having a highly defined role: Greengrass enables IoT providers to easily run and update code on the IoT devices, while the Device Management service enables updates of the IoT firmware. Finally, IoT Core secures the connection between the IoT device and the AWS platform.

This webinar is intended for developers, engineers, and solution architects who are interested in AWS IoT services and who are building Serverless applications. We recommend that attendees have the following prerequisites:

  • AWS Knowledge
  • Familiarity with basic IoT concepts
  • Basic knowledge of Serverless applications/architecture

In this webinar, our IoT expert will detail a SmartHome solution implemented by Cedrus for a major US utility company. The session will cover high-level and low-level architecture and demonstrate a working solution. Also during the webinar, we will deep dive into the AWS services used in the solution such as Lambda, API Gateway, IoT Core, and Greengrass.