Webinar On-Demand

The Role of CASB, Cloud Identity, and Enterprise IAM in your Cloud Future

The move to the Cloud will require new solutions and vendors to address new risks. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) and Cloud Identity are the new solutions that need to work in harmony with your existing Information Security Solutions and Policies.

A key pattern that companies need to understand is how Enterprise IAM, Cloud Identity, and CASB work together, and where there are overlaps that are better addressed by one of these tools.

In this webinar, we discuss governance and policy as it relates to CASB, and then embark upon a demonstration to show how three best of breed products work together to provide robust information security risk mitigation as you transition to the Cloud.

This will include a demonstration spanning Enterprise IAM, CASB, and Cloud Identity. We’ll show an employee lifecycle, and the key items that each of these solutions provide, with a particular focus on when “only a CASB will do.”

Webinar Timeline

  • About Cedrus – Introduction: 0:00 – 1:50
  • Regulatory mandates, threats, and breaches: 1:50 – 6:47
  • High-level view of how IAM, Cloud Identity, and CASB work together: 6:47 – 11:50
  • Demo – Identity & Access Management: 11:50 – 18:30
  • Demo – Cloud Identity & CASB: 18:30 – 35:33
  • Demo – De-provisionning: 35:33 – 37:13
  • Conclusion: 37:13 – 38:05