Webinar On-Demand

Using AI to Automate and Leverage Unstructured Data Intake

For most companies the challenge remains the same: they suffer from a variety of intake processes where data is collected in an unstructured way—receiving and accurately processing data from chat bots, email, text messages, attachments, social media, and more. The processes to turn these data flows into structured formats, validating it for potential errors or missing parts, is usually a tedious, lengthy, human capital intensive, error-prone and very costly process.

However, there is a far better way to manage and successfully address these challenges. By leveraging AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), organizations of all types can vastly streamline business process. In fact, the use of AI and RPA fully enables the ability to create a smart cognitive layer to intake data from a variety of sources. Furthermore, the nature of the AI approach will also make the system smarter with time allowing for even further savings and faster processing times.

In this technical-oriented webinar, Cedrus AI and RPA specialists will explain a real-world solution implementation—a full live working demo demonstrating the use case in full—that addresses the challenges in implementing multi-source unstructured data intake processes by using AI. As well, the solution shows how such automated intake can be linked to an overall business process and RPA to achieve a higher degree of efficiency while reducing operational costs to a minimum.

Attendees will garner insight into the following:

  • How to offer services and transact with customers over unstructured channels.
  • How to build, implement, and adopt smarter and more efficient business process leveraging AI and RPA.
  • How to build a platform that enables the workforce of the future (Humans, AI, and Bots) to work together.
  • Best practices and lessons learned about the role of AI and RPA in organizations and when to leverage them.