Meet the team at Cedrus!

At the crossroad of Vision and Execution, our consultants provide customers with the right recipes allowing them to differentiate their business with the use of cutting edge Technologies.

Identify. Invest. Incubate.

Cedrus is formed by Technology veterans with 100’s of years of combined experience in the Technology field. The founders wanted to create a company that fosters free thinking while promoting and funding new ideas. We achieve our goals in different ways:

  • Seed investor – Early investment in ideas, people or companies. Provide guidance, advice, connection and network.
  • R&D to Incubate – As Consultants, we are constantly reaching out to customers, solving real life problems while keeping ourselves deeply immersed in the Technology latest innovations. When faced with a repeatable problem, solutions can be engineered to reliably solve such situations. Some of these solutions we create make it to incubation phase where a company is born.

This approach does not shift us from the key value we add to our customers: Leverage cutting edge technologies to provide organizations with a business differentiator. Oftentimes, our best ideas are found by trying to solve our customers’ real life problems.

Strategic Investment and Partnerships:

IBM Partner

AWS Partner

Netskope Partner


FADEL is a pioneer in the rights and royalties space for both licensees and licensors. FADEL has become the trusted authority for the tracking and monetization of IP usage by empowering IP Commerce end-to-end – from negotiation to payment.


Logicbroker is a cloud-based EDI and drop ship automation solution, enabling the frictionless exchange of supply chain data between retailers and suppliers.  You can effortlessly exchange accurate order, catalog, and fulfillment information with trading partners and your own internal systems electronically, eliminating the time, expense and errors associated with traditional manual processes.

Transformatech Partner

Interactive Clouds

Provider of Integrated Rapid Development Platform for the Cloud. Its flagship product, DreamFace, enables Enteprise developers to approach Cloud development with ease and speed.

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