ZERO to cloud in TEN

In order to adopt disruptive Cloud technologies, organizations need to prove a business value when bridging the business to the Cloud with minimal technical risk


At Cedrus, we applied our Design Thinking methodology, modern application development, along with our products to produce a viable application architecture within a minimal R&D type budget.

Our Offering’s goal is to solve real business problems, identified by a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). The particularity that we add to this standard approach is to produce the MVP that respects Cloud Architectural best practices (Microservices Architecture, APIs) while accessing real systems in your company. The reason Zero to Cloud in Ten stands out from similar offerings is because it helps customers produce a functional application without compromising the architectural integrity within ten days.

By using productized Open Source offerings and solutions (such as API Czar, CodeFusion and CodeSoju), we reduce the time needed to design, develop and deploy native Cloud applications.

Zero to Cloud in Ten for business