Powering Digital Transformation

We are a boutique consulting firm that delivers digital transformation solutions, tools, and services to companies looking to accelerate their move to a cloud-centric world.

Our Practices

Cloud Native

Our Cloud Native team executes on a business’s defined digital opportunities. By bringing together design-thinking and business architecture we build MVPs that consequently turn to broader enterprise rollouts.

Digital Process

The ways users engage with processes is ever-evolving. Our Digital Process team builds future-proof solutions that drive your digital transformation strategy.

Cloud Security

We created re-usable implementation patterns to specifically solve problems within the domains of Digital Identity Management Transformation and Digital Asset Protection in the Cloud through CASB

Cedrus Labs

API Czar

A rapid API development tool that enables teams to generate and deploy best practice based APIs in minutes


An open source initiative that provides a set of standards, best practices and tools to help developers during all phases of the development lifecycle.


An Open Source, Enterprise ready Angular and Angular 2 Framework.

Why Cedrus?


New York City based boutique and personalized advisory firm with a proven and successful track record in solving large Enterprise problems and project execution.

Our consultants specialize in Enterprise Cloud Native/Fullstack Project Delivery, Business Process Re-Engineering in support of Digital Platforms, and Strategic Advisory and Implementation of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

Focusing on engineering our solutions as well as investing in R&D, are key differentiators that help us achieve higher quality solutions, in a cost effective way and in record time.

We're a Company of Passionate Designers, Architects & Developers


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