Powering Digital Transformation

Leveraging Cloud, mobile, APIs, IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data and, Cognitive is an essential part of your Digital Transformation journey.

Designing and Implementing Technology Solutions that add value to businesses is what we do every day. Making our Solutions repeatable, cost effective and, faster to implement is our key differentiator.

Cloud Native Consulting   Cloud Native

Leveraging the Cloud to the Fullest is the way to the future. Designing, Consuming and Deploying in the Cloud can yield in extremely powerful and cost effective results.

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Digital Process Consulting   Digital Process

Re-designing Business Processes while enriching them with Cognitive Technologies as well as access to Big Data is key to creating a richer User Experience.

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Cloud Security CASB Consulting   Cloud Security

Cloud adoption poses numerous security challenges when the appropriate policies are not put in place. Digital Identity Management and Digital Asset Protection in the Cloud need to be well understood and controlled.

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   Limitless Salesforce

One of our solutions patterns is to extend Salesforce to the Enterprise. This elegant approach makes Salesforce the main access point to customers, transactions and other Enterprise apps. No need to login/logout or to implement a lengthy and costly data synchronization.

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API Czar generator   API Czar

Total Control of the API development lifecycle. From Design to Deployment. Extensible Enterprise best practices enforcement, auto-documentation and test data generation are some of the features provided by API Czar. This methodical approach to rethinking APIs is key to making them more usable and durable in the Enterprise.


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Code Fusion Cloud   CodeFusion

An Angular 2 and NativeScript framework. This product provides a rich and open component library for Web and mobile, a rich set of Enterprise and Server side services for Data access, Security and Profiling.The framework also implements the concept of Business Components to promote the implementation of re-usable and sophisticated functional modules, Microservices and application wiring.

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Why Cedrus?

NYC based Boutique and personalized advisory firm with a proven and successful track record in solving large Enterprise problems and project execution.

Our consultants specialize in Enterprise Cloud Native/Fullstack Project Delivery, Business Process Re-Engineering in support of Digital Platforms, and Strategic Advisory and Implementation of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

Focusing on engineering our solutions as well as investing in R&D, are key differentiators that help us achieve higher quality solutions, in a cost effective way and in record time. 

Our commitment to innovating and incubating scalable disruptive technologies makes us an ideal partner on large projects.

We're a Company of Passionate Designers, Architects & Developers